Better Business Bureau is Telling Everyone to Watch for IRS Telephone Scams

Written By Charlotte Insurance on December 15, 2014. It has 0 comments.

Scammers are calling unsuspecting people posing as IRS agents.  They will claim you owe back taxes and will have you arrested if they are not paid.  They may ask you to go to CVS and buy a Green Dot Prepaid Visa then will want you to give them the card number.  If you hang up they will call back and threaten to send someone from the sheriff’s department.

DO NOT FALL FOR THIS.  If it sounds fishy, it’s probably fish.  No one will ever be arrested under the above described terms. No one from the IRS would ever ask you to go to a CVS and purchase a prepaid card.  While most of you would never fall for this, please inform your elderly parents, friends, or family which seems to be easier targets.

For more detailed information about this scam go to the Better Business Bureau website

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