Celebrate Mom on a Budget!

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I Love Mom sign on Mother's day

Mother’s Day is nearly here, and your budget is tight. How can you celebrate the mom in your life when you’ve got no extra cash? With moms, it really is the thought that counts and there’s plenty you can do without spending any or a lot of money.

Check out these ideas!

Watch Her Favorite Movie

Whether you come to town for a vaccinated or socially distanced visit or you’re already close by, hang out at home and watch her favorite movie. If you still need to be apart for safety reasons, streaming services offer options to watch together no matter where you are. Maybe she loves tearjerkers, and you prefer action movies. It’s her day, so watch what she loves! She’ll love the effort you put in to stay awake and the time spent together. Bring her favorite snacks and drinks if you have a small budget you can spend.

Look at Old Pictures Together

If your mom loves going down memory lane with old picture albums or even the endless scroll on a phone, make this the day you willingly do it with her. It only costs time, and you might learn a few things about your family history — or your crazy escapades as a kid. As with everything else on Mother’s Day, it’s about spending time with your mom and giving her the happiness she definitely deserves.

Cook for Her

Can you safely come over to her house this year? Will she let you in her kitchen? Not all moms will trust their children (of any age) in the kitchen, but do your best. Make her favorite meal. Bake cookies or a cake. Cook your specialty. You might need to spend money on ingredients but that’s much cheaper than going out for a meal. The most important part of this gift is to make sure you clean up afterwards. Don’t leave a mess for mom on Mother’s Day!

Do Your (Her) Chores

The key to this one is to do them without being asked. If you still live at home, pick up after yourself and take care of things that you know you need to do — but usually avoid. If you’re coming in for a visit, find out what she could use a hand with. It might be washing dishes and changing sheets or it could be mowing the lawn and cleaning the gutters. Give your mom a break today and give her a hand at the same time.

Avoid Arguments

Your mom will always try to mom you, even when you’re a parent or grandparent yourself. For one day, do your best to bite your tongue and avoid unnecessary arguments. You don’t have to agree with everything (especially the requests to eat more or to get married) but give her — and yourself — some peace today. Smile and nod. Change the subject. Or turn on a movie or mow the lawn. Anything but bickering will do and it will make her happy for at least a day.

Give Her a Call

Text your mom more than you talk on the phone? For Mother’s Day, break the pattern. Give her a call and chat for as long as possible. She’ll love hearing the sound of your voice, and you might find you miss this kind of connection with her. Not great on the phone? Ask questions about what’s going on with her, and there’s a good chance, she’ll keep the conversation going for you. But it’s not really about what is said only that you took the time to call.

Give Mom the Day Off

This one is for the moms with young kids at home and other parents doing the gift-giving. For at least one day (but the weekend would be better) give her time off the usual schedule. Get the kids ready yourself. Make their breakfast. Nag them about their homework. Do the laundry. Whatever she usually does around the house, do it for her and let her relax. She might do an at-home spa day, she might read a book, or she might take an extended nap. It doesn’t matter what she does as long as she doesn’t have to take care of everyone for at least a day. Yes, you’ll be tired when it’s over and that’s the point — now you know how she feels.

From us to you, we wish all the moms out there — including our own! — a very happy, healthy, and safe Mother’s Day this year.

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