Do you need a Non-Standard Auto Insurance Policy?

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Life can hit hard at a moment’s notice. A lost job, no money, and hard choices have hit us all at some time or another in our lives. The 2008 housing crash and recession are a prime example. Several years later, some people are still recovering from the financial devastation from those years.

You may have found yourself in similar circumstances, forced to make hard choices about which bills to pay. Maybe your Charlotte auto insurance policy was a casualty and you stopped paying or let it lapse. Maybe your devastation wasn’t financial but too many car accidents in a short period of time or even a DUI.

Now you’re on your feet and ready to get back to normal and you’re looking for auto insurance again. But there’s a problem. It’s either too expensive or hard to find. Driving without insurance could easily set you back to tough times. What are you going to do?

You need a non-standard auto insurance policy.


Insurance companies base their premium prices and the policies they’ll write on how much of a risk they think you are. Low risk policies are people with good driving records, excellent credit, and within a certain age rage. What makes them decide you’re risky? Poor credit, lapses in insurance, multiple accidents, DUIs, and your age (typically under 20 or over 70) are all indicators of the the risk that you’ll get into an accident or stop paying your insurance premiums.

Non-standard auto insurance is coverage designed specifically for high-risk drivers. It is often more expensive than standard insurance. Not every company offers this kind of policy, and those who do may have additional requirements for you to meet.


The vast majority of drivers who need non-standard auto insurance are recovering from financial problems that killed their credit or caused them to drop coverage for a time. Some drivers, however, are dealing with the aftermath of a DUI conviction. Even if no one was hurt, driving under the influence makes you a higher risk to insurance companies.

You’re not a bad person. You made a mistake. But the reality is that after a DUI, your premiums will likely go up – if you’re able to keep your standard policy at all. We’re here to help you find good auto insurance at the best price so you can get back on the road. We can also help you file your SR-22 form and make sure you have whatever coverage the state mandates, even if it’s more than standard auto policies require.

Life happens. Charlotte Insurance wants to help get you back on the road at the best price. If you’re finding it hard to get auto insurance coverage or you know you’re a high risk driver after a DUI or multiple accidents, contact us today.

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