Child Safety and Prevention Month

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Every day in the United States, at least six children die from accidents and injuries that occur in the home. Many of which are preventable. Because of this, November has been designated Child Safety and Prevention Month.

We know how much you love your children. Here are a few tips for how to make your home safer for your little ones.


Thankfully there are plenty of tools you can use to secure your home. Baby gates keep curious toddlers out of rooms they don’t need to be in and away from stairs that are too dangerous for them. Door knob covers keep kids from opening doors not meant for them. Toilet seat and cabinet latches and locks keep them from getting into dangerous situations.


Medications – prescription and over-the-counter – and household cleaning supplies are major causes of illness for small children. They’re curious and will put their mouth on anything. Keep these chemicals out of their hands and mouths by locking them away using cabinet locks and putting them out of reach in high places they can’t get to. Make sure you have the number for Poison Control programmed into your phone: 1-800-222-1222 – just in case.


With kids, the cleaning almost never stops and we know you’re exhausted from it. Certain cleaning keeps your kids safe, though. Pick up small toys and items that can become choking hazards. Keep your floors swept or vacuumed to reduce toxins or allergens in your home that can make them sick. Push your television, computer, and other electronic appliances back towards the wall so they’re less likely to tip them over. Your home will be tidier and your children safer.


While you’re cleaning, pull out all the soft, loose, beautiful things you’ve placed in the crib. This includes the bumper, blankets, quilts, pillows, and stuffed animals. Yes, they make the room look better, but they’re also hazardous to your baby’s health. Small infants can suffocate on their bedding while they sleep. If you can’t bear to part with the bedding, remove it before every nap and at night when you put your baby to bed.


When seconds matter, you need to know immediately if there’s smoke or fire in your home. Make sure your smoke alarms have fresh batteries and work. Test them every six months. If your alarms are old or outdated, consider replacing them with the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm combination. Also keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen to quickly put out a small fire – especially if a little someone became curious about the stove or a candle.


From toxic plants to pesticides, you’d be amazed at what gets brought into your home. Use a welcome mat for people to wipe their feet before entering your home. This will reduce what allergens, pesticides, and other toxins are dragged inside. Check your houseplants, as well. Some are toxic if ingested, and as mentioned earlier, children will put anything in their mouth. Choose houseplants like Boston ferns, jade plants, and miniature roses which are non-toxic and safe.

You love your children and would do anything for them. Keeping them safe from harm is a big part of that. With a few small tweaks around your home, you can prevent accidents and protect your little ones.

Sometimes life and accidents happen no matter how many precautions you take, which is why you need good homeauto, and life insurance policies. If you’ve just had a baby or are about to, contact us at Charlotte Insurance so we can make sure you and your little one are covered.

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