Dealing with Hail Damage

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a car with hail damage

Hailstorms can pop up out of seemingly nowhere. You don’t know how bad it will be or how long it will last. The damage can be as minimal as pebbles bouncing off your car or as severe as golf balls or bigger raining down on your vehicle. Hail damage, big or small, shouldn’t be ignored. 

Here’s what you need to know about hail damage and your Charlotte auto insurance.

Hail Damage 

Because hailstorms can create small and large hail, the type of damage you’ll experience from a storm can range from minor dents and dings to more severe problems. Large hail hitting a vehicle has been known to put holes in the roof, cause engine damage, and break windows and windshields. 

There’s no perfect way to prevent hail damage. Try to keep your vehicle parked in a garage or in covered parking of some sort if that’s available. If you’re driving during a hailstorm, look for a place you can park that is covered. If that’s not available, pull off the road as soon as it’s safe to do. Sitting still through a hailstorm will still cause damage, but not moving reduces the severity of the damage you’d otherwise experience.

Hail Damage and Your Auto Insurance

If you have a basic liability policy, your auto insurance won’t cover the cost to repair hail damage. You’ll have to pay out of pocket for any repairs. To avoid that expense, you’re going to need comprehensive coverage. You’ll be protected from a lot more than hail.  

If your vehicle is damaged, you can file a claim, pay your deductible, and get the damage repaired. Some policies waive the deductible if your glass can be repaired, instead of being replaced. You may also be able to buy full glass coverage for your vehicle and avoid paying the deductible for glass replacement. This is good coverage to have even without hail damage. Rocks fly through the air from trucks and the road all the time. 

Repairing Hail Damage

You may just have a few small dings and dents from a hailstorm and might wonder if it’s worth filing the claim. The repair is usually quick and easy with an auto body shop “popping” out the dents in no time. If you plan to re-sell your vehicle in the future or trade it in for a newer model, getting even minor hail damage repaired is a good idea. Those dents will impact the value of your vehicle.

For major damage, you’ll work with your insurance company and the shop that repairs your vehicle. You’ll likely require major bodywork but will only be responsible for the deductible. If the damage to your vehicle is considered a total loss — meaning the cost to repair it is higher than your vehicle’s value — you’ll receive the actual cash value for your vehicle. This will help you purchase a new vehicle. 

In order to repair the damage from hail, the first step is to have the right auto insurance policy. If you don’t have comprehensive coverage, now is the time to get it. Contact Charlotte Insurance today for a free estimate.

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