Does My Auto Insurance Cover My RV?

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a woman in an RV wondering if her auto insurance covers here

RV’s are very similar to your personal vehicle. They either get towed by your vehicle or you drive them like a car. Surely your auto insurance covers you, right? Probably not.

Let’s look at what kind of RV you have and how you’re using it to figure out if your auto insurance is enough.

What Kind of RV Do You Have?

If your RV is a trailer you hook up to your car, your auto insurance will likely extend some limited coverage as you’re towing it down the road. But if your RV is a motorcoach and must be driven, your auto insurance won’t help you.

How Do You Use Your RV?

For a random weekend trip to the woods with a trailer you’re towing, your auto insurance will give you the absolute bare minimum liability protection, but it at least it will be some form of coverage. Let’s be clear, though, it definitely won’t be enough. Especially if your personal belongings are damaged or you get hurt.

If, however, you want to spend weeks or months on the road or you stay on campgrounds, you absolutely need the kind of protection RV insurance provides.

What RV Insurance Provides that Auto Insurance Doesn’t

It’s important to realize that RV insurance offers coverage that auto insurance can’t — and it’s specific to your needs as someone who owns and uses an RV.

Yes, RV and auto insurance can both include liability coverage, property damage, comprehensive and collision coverage, roadside assistance, and even uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. But RV insurance offers protection specific to your RV and how you use it:

Total Loss Replacement: RVs are expensive and replacing one after an accident could be financially devastating. With total loss replacement, you get an RV the same model year or later, instead of what it was valued at prior to the accident. This isn’t typically available through auto insurance — and wouldn’t apply to your RV even if it were.

Personal Belongings: If your RV is a home away from home, that means you have a lot of personal belongings with you. This goes far beyond what you might keep in your car. Replacing everything after an accident will be expensive, unless you have personal belongings coverage as part of your RV insurance.

Vacation Liability: Responsible for damage or injury to another person while on vacation? Liability coverage pays for their expenses so you don’t have to. Since you’re living in your RV while on vacation, the chances of something going wrong increase with use. This is almost like a temporary home insurance protection, something your auto insurance can’t handle.

Full-Timers Liability: Living in your RV means using it more than a vacationer. That’s a lot of opportunities for an accident out on the road or at a campsite. Think of this like home insurance but for your RV. And no, your auto insurance won’t provide anywhere near the same amount of protection.

In some limited circumstances, your auto insurance may cover some of the expense of an accident involving your RV — namely while being towed by your vehicle and only for liability coverage. Beyond that, there are plenty of opportunities for harm, damage, and injury that auto insurance can’t handle. RV insurance is the best option.

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