Don’t Forget to Thank Mom!

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a sign to show mom that you appreciate her on mother's day despite social distancing efforts due to COVID-19

Mother’s Day is nearly here, and you may feel sad that you can’t celebrate it like usual. You want to thank your mom and show her how much you love and appreciate her, but you also want to keep her safe and maintain social distancing. You don’t have to skip the entire day. There are still plenty of things you can do to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her.

Schedule a Family Zoom Meeting

Wanted to bring everyone together for a big celebration this year? Keep everyone safe and go virtual instead. Get the family together, no matter how spread out you are, for a family Zoom gathering. You can all tell your mom how much she means to you and give her a chance to see the faces of those she loves, especially her grandkids, grandcats, and granddogs.

Facetime Your Mom

Substitute “Facetime” for any video chat option on your smartphone. This year, instead of the typical Mother’s Day phone call, make it a video call instead. Your mom wants to see your smiling face, even if you’re tired, stressed, and still need coffee. Tell her Happy Mother’s Day and then let her worry that you’re clearly not getting enough sleep or eating enough. It’s what moms do.

Send Flowers

Yes, you can still send your mom flowers. Choose a company that lets you specify how to leave them for your mom to keep both the delivery driver and her safe. Ideally, they should leave them at the front door, ring her doorbell, and then leave with no or minimal contact. Flowers are never a bad idea, any day of the week, and they will certainly brighten her day. Combine that with a Zoom meeting or a video call for extra thanks and love.

Send Digital Gifts

Normally you take your mom to brunch or lunch, buy her a sweet gift, and give her a card. This year, that’s not exactly possible or safe. Digitize your gift-giving instead. E-cards are still a thing, and gift cards help support businesses without requiring sales associates to put themselves at risk. Buy the gift card and let your mom know you’re planning for a lunch or brunch date in the future when the world gets back to normal.

Order Grocery Delivery for Your Mom

Doing something nice for your mom, to make her life easier, is always a good way to say thanks. But going to her house to take care of chores or driving her around on errands isn’t a good idea right now. Take advantage of digital options and keep your mom at home with grocery delivery. If she’s not the type to use an app or website to order her groceries, do it for her. You keep her home, and you do something nice for the woman who raised you. (Note: Tip the delivery person well as a thank you to them, too, since they’re the one doing the hard work.)

Drive By to Say “I Love You”

If your normal Mother’s Day is usually spent at her house, this year may be hard on everyone. As long as it’s safe, pile your family in the car, and drive by her house. Let her know to look out the window or stand on her doorstep. As you drive by, have the family shout out “I love you!” and wave. You can also make signs or hang balloons on her mailbox (as long as you can do it safely). It’s not the same, but it’ll definitely make her feel special.

Here at Charlotte Insurance, we know it’s tough to give up family traditions because of social distancing, shutdowns, and quarantine. This year, for Mother’s Day, create new family traditions until it’s safe to be with your mom again. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, especially our own!

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