Every RV Deserves the Proper Insurance Coverage

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Whether you have a modest travel trailer or a larger-than-life home on wheels, you need the proper insurance coverage for your RV. When you consider insurance coverage, the value of your trailer or RV is only part of the decision. You also need to consider everything you store inside of your RV, as well.

Before you get on the road for a summer of fun, make sure your RV is covered with the right amount and kind of insurance.


If you’re driving a standalone recreational vehicle, you already know you need a separate RV insurance policy. But what about the trailer you hitch to the back of your truck? You might be relying on your auto insurance to cover you in an accident, and that could be a mistake. Some of the damage may be covered but not all of it.


RV insurance isn’t something you want to skip as it helps you protect an investment that can cost as much as another automobile up to the cost of another home. When you buy RV insurance, you’re protecting a major financial investment. RV insurance is also required in every state, and the kind of insurance you need is based on the kind of camper or trailer you have.

Larger RVs will need more coverage than the smaller trailer you tow behind you. If you use your RV only for recreational use, you’ll need less coverage than someone who uses their RV full-time. Full-timers often need a specialty insurance plan to reflect the true use and added liability you may have when using your RV.


When considering RV insurance coverage, there are multiple types of coverage to consider and to ask your independent insurance agent about:

  • Roadside Assistance and Towing: You may have this coverage with your auto insurance, but there may also be policy limits you’re unaware of. Towing an RV can easily be three times more expensive than towing a car and without the right coverage, you’ll be the one paying the difference.
  • Stolen and Totaled: Most standard RV policies pay Actual Cash Value for your RV if it’s stolen or totaled. You may be able to purchase coverage for the Agreed Value, and if your RV is less than five years old, ask about Total Loss Replacement. This will help you replace your RV without having to pay as much (or anything) out of pocket.
  • Stolen Personal Property: Your auto insurance won’t cover the cost of replacing stolen personal property from your trailer or RV. For that, you need “personal effects” coverage. This will help you replace whatever you’ve stowed in your trailer or camper.
  • Vacation Liability: When you’re traveling out on the road, you take on extra liability while driving and at the campsite. Typically, you’re responsible for the area surrounding your campsite so if someone trips and falls, you could be sued. With the right liability insurance, you’ll be protected no matter what happens.

Are you getting your trailer out for some summer camping trips? Has it been a while since you thought about your RV insurance coverage? Now is the perfect time to check your insurance policy and make sure you have the best possible coverage. Contact Charlotte Insurance today and let us help you cover your RV and your belongings before you hit the road.

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