Get Your Motorcycle Ready for Spring

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a motorcycle that's ready for the spring

Spring is in the air, and you’re probably itching to jump on your bike and get out onto the open road. Before you do, there are a few things you need to do to get your motorcycle ready.

Check Your Fuel

Old, stale fuel isn’t good for your motorcycle. It can cause your bike to run rough, and it can gunk up the inside of your fuel tank with condensation, build-up, or rust. Ideally, you drained your tank or added a fuel stabilizer to winterize your bike. If not, you’re going to need to check for problems and drain your tank. Once you know your tank is clean and ready for fuel, fill up with a high-octane gas to make sure you have fresh fuel running through your system before that first ride of the spring.

Check Your Battery

The longer a bike sits, the more the battery drains. You’ll need to check the charge on your battery. If it’s drained, you can try to recharge it. Keep in mind that with each new battery drain and recharge, the overall life span of the battery decreases. You can prevent this by using a trickle charger while your motorcycle is stored. If you can’t recharge the battery, it’s time for a new one. And if you’ve just recharged it for the third or fourth time, it’s time to plan to purchase a new battery soon.

Check Your Tires

When your motorcycle sits without being moved for a long time, the air will inevitably leak out. You’ll likely notice it’s visibly flatter. Add air and get the tire pressure up to manufacturer specifications. While you’re doing that, check the tread. A worn tire is a safety hazard out on the road. Replace worn tires before your first ride so you know you’re riding safely.

Check and Change Fluids, Filters, and Other Parts

If you did some maintenance on your bike before you stored it, simply check to make sure everything is tight enough, full enough, and in good working condition. If not, you’re going to need to top off coolant or brake fluid, unless you can’t remember the last time you thought about it. In that case, a full flush is recommended. You should also change the oil and filter, lubricate your chain if your bike has one, check your spark plugs, and generally go over your bike to make sure everything is in good working condition.

Take Your Bike to Be Serviced

If you have neither the skill nor the time for all this bike maintenance to get ready for spring, get your bike into a shop that can do this for you. Don’t use not knowing how to do it or not wanting to do it as an excuse. Let the professionals look over your bike and get it ready for spring. The benefit is that you’ll have a well-running and safe bike to jump back on as soon as the weather permits.

Clean Your Bike

Even if you cleaned it before the winter, there’s a good chance it’s collected dust in storage. Go ahead and give your bike a good scrub and wax. Doing this will help protect your bike from road grime and debris, protecting the paint and the integrity of the bike itself. Plus, it’ll look good for that first springtime ride. Make sure to polish your headlights, too. Not only will it look good, but it’ll increase the visibility of your lights for other drivers.

Check Your Motorcycle Insurance

If you haven’t reviewed your motorcycle insurance in a while, now is the time. What’s changed since winter? Will you ride your bike more or less this year? Do you have enough coverage? These are all questions to consider with the help of an independent insurance agency like ours to make sure you and your bike have the right type and amount of coverage.

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