Giving Back to North Carolina Children

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At Charlotte Insurance, we are proud of every employee who works with us. They’re hard-working, dedicated, and passionate about helping our clients. But that’s not all they care about. We’re proud of all they do in the community and the organizations they help. Recently, Karla Combs, director of the Charlotte Insurance Private Client Group, gave back to the community and helped countless North Carolina children.

Volunteering for Children’s Hope Alliance

Karla Combs spent November 1 and November 3 giving back to the community that has brought her so much. She participated in the Extreme Makeover event for the Barium Springs Home for Children, a home that’s part of the Children’s Hope Alliance.

The event was a community service project to refurbish and improve the grounds and social areas for the children who live their full-time. Volunteers came together to build the courtyard, firepit, outdoor grills, and the outdoor volleyball court. “The experience was a true blessing, especially seeing the happiness from the children when they saw the changes. No matter how tired you are after, it’s forgotten the second you see their smiles,” Karla said about the event.

“All the volunteers worked as a team, bonding together through laughter, sweat, and dirt. The sense of fellowship and service were powerful. We all got to know each other and enjoyed seeing the immediate results of our efforts,” she continued. “I was honored to take part and glad to be of service to the organization and the children.”

About Children’s Hope Alliance

The Children’s Hope Alliance is a charity organization that offers children safe homes and more hope in their life. They do three very important things for North Carolina children in need: healing the hurt that’s been inflicted, providing a safe home where they can thrive, and encouraging a healthy start in life. Children’s Hope Alliance does this by providing foster home and adoption services, as well as education and developmental programs, and much more. They help children and families from all walks of life.

In 2015, they helped over 3,600 children. In North Carolina, every year over 200,000 children need the services Children’s Hope Alliance can provide. Only half ever receive help. Children’s Hope Alliance works hard to close the gap so that every child who needs help in North Carolina will receive it. The Extreme Makeover event was a community project to make their home nicer and something they could all enjoy even more.

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