Going on Vacation? Consider the Risk of Identity Theft

Written By Charlotte Insurance on June 5, 2012. It has 0 comments.

These days, protecting your identity from thieves when on vacation is just as necessary as protecting your home from would-be criminals. The home insurance NC residents need may have the option of providing coverage for identity theft risk, and if so, your insurer may also offer some recovery services after an identity theft loss. However, this may not completely or quickly alleviate the mess an identity theft loss can create. With this in mind, it is much better to learn how to best keep your identity from being stolen.

An organization called “Identity 911”, experts on identity theft recovery solutions, offers some tips to help protect your identity when on vacation:

  • Inform your banks and credit card companies of your trip plans to avoid having an account frozen at an inopportune time.
  • Have your mail held at the post office or ask a friend pick it up each day.
  • Lessen the effects of being pick-pocketed by keeping sensitive items such as your social security card out of your wallet.
  • Take care in the use of ATM machines. Use your pin-number card only and use ATMs at major established banks only (if possible).
  • Only use private internet connections when accessing sensitive information.
  • Ask if you can use the hotel safe for items which contain personal details.
  • Check your accounts for unusual activity after you return.
  • Don’t throw away documents with sensitive information until they are shredded.

By following these tips you should hopefully become less of a target for identity thieves. Contact us if you require more information on home insurance in NC or on how identity theft coverage may be able to protect you financially whether at home or on vacation.

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