8 Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween is a favorite holiday for a lot of people. Seeing the kids in costumes takes us back to our own childhoods, and putting up spooky decorations is fun for the whole neighborhood. Before the trick-or-treaters arrive, make sure your home is ready for them with these safety tips.

  1. Check your property for tripping hazards. Be on the lookout for holes, hoses, pots, and big roots that will be hard to see once it gets dark on Halloween. Get rid of or move them out of the way.
  2. Make sure your lawn, walkway, and driveway are free from debris – tree limbs, lawn furniture, and the bike someone forgot to put away. Trick-or-treaters will come to your door from all angles. Make sure they can get to you safely.
  3. Turn on plenty of lights so trick-or-treaters and their parents can get to the door safely. A porch light lets people know to knock, but path lights and even motion sensor lights will help everyone see where they’re going.
  4. Keep decorations out of the way, especially out of walkways, or put up tape or rope around the area where most of your decorations will be to keep kids out of the way.
  5. Secure inflatable decorations properly. You don’t want them to blow away, fall over, or knock into a trick-or-treater, causing potential injury and damage.
  6. If you’re going to put out jack-o-lanterns, don’t use candles. They become a fire hazard if someone kicks the pumpkin and knocks it over. Instead, use battery-operated candles.
  7. Do not drape fabric over light bulbs as part of your decorations. The bulbs generate heat and could start a fire.
  8. Keep your pets away from the excitement. Even calm pets can become agitated and aggressive with so many strangers ringing the doorbell. They may bite a trick-or-treater or even run away when the door opens.

Halloween is a time for everyone to feel like a kid for one night. Fun costumes, scary decorations, and delicious candy can make the night memorable. Unfortunately, trips, falls, dog bites, and injury can create other kinds of memories – and liability for homeowners. Get your home ready for trick-or-treaters now so that everyone can focus on having fun Halloween night.

If you’ve got questions about your Charlotte homeowners’ insurance or you need to check your limits, contact us. We want everyone to have a safe and happy Halloween!

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