Holiday Decorating Dos and Don’ts

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a christmas tree that was decorated following our holiday decorating safety tips

Does holiday decorating immediately put you in the spirit of things? Are you humming Christmas carols, drinking hot chocolate, and ready to bake cookies? You’re definitely not alone! No matter how excited you are to get the tree, lights, and blow-up Santa up, make sure you decorate safely so your home stays warm and bright all season long.

Check out these dos and don’ts for holiday decorations.

Christmas Trees

The central part of most holiday decorating is the tree, and it can be one of the most potentially hazardous items in your home.

Do water a live tree regularly to keep it hydrated.

Don’t place a live tree near a fireplace, heater, or other heat source as they’re highly flammable.

Do consider buying a fake tree instead.

Don’t buy one unless it’s labelled fire-resistant.


Indoor Lights

From your Christmas tree to your favorite holiday candles, indoor lighting is fun and beautiful but it also has its own dangers.

Do check for frayed wires, broken sockets, and loose connectors before putting up your lights. Replace damaged lights.

Don’t let indoor lights touch carpets, furniture, or drapes as these can present a fire hazard.

Do turn off lights at the end of the night, or even better, unplug them if possible.

Don’t leave lights on or open flames unattended overnight or when you’re away from home during the day.

Do use candles with a sturdy base that will be more difficult to knock over.

Don’t leave kids and pets alone with lit candles.

Do use lights marked “UL” which means they’ve been inspected for safety hazards.

Don’t use nails or staples to hang lights. Do use hooks or insulated staples instead.


Outdoor Decorations and Lighting

You’ve prevented fire or damage inside your home, now it’s time to keep the outside safe this holiday season.

Do keep ladders away from power lines while you’re hanging decorations.

Don’t use a ladder alone. Always have someone with you to hold the base while you climb and stand on the ladder.

Do plug cords into ground fault circuit interrupters (GCFIs) whenever possible.

Don’t leave the cords strung across the lawn. Move them out of the way to avoid tripping hazards.


Other Holiday Decorations

The smallest things can lead to the biggest accidents.

Do recycle or reuse your gift wrap.

Don’t burn it in the fireplace as it could cause a flash fire.

Do use unbreakable ornaments especially if you have children or pets.

Don’t hang fragile ornaments where kids and furbabies can get to them.

You want your home to be festive and bright this holiday season, but you also want it to stay safe. Be careful with your decorations, and make sure your homeowners insurance is current — in case the worst happens. Contact Charlotte Insurance today for a free quote on a new home insurance policy.

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