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A clean and organized house is a happy house. Or, at the very least, a less stressed house because no one can find their shoes, you nearly tripped walking up the stairs, and you can’t find your keys.

A clutter-free, more organized home is also one where fewer accidents happen which reduces insurance claims and, ultimately, your home insurance premiums. You and the kids may know how to navigate the maze of shoes from the foyer to the living room, but there’s a real chance your guest will trip and fall.

Check out our tips for organizing your home to make it cleaner and safer for everyone.


Let’s be real, this is where everything gets dropped. Shoes, backpacks, your purse, and those keys you can’t find are all there by the door – somewhere. To organize this space, get a basket or a rack for the shoes. Install some hooks on the wall or get a coat rack for jackets, purses, and backpacks. Find a small basket and teach yourself to always put your keys in it when you get home.


A staircase is already a place where accidents can happen too often. Don’t make it easier by leaving shoes or toys on the steps. Make it a house rule that no one leaves anything on the stairs. With the rack or basket for shoes by the front door, the shoe problem should solve itself. Consider adding a basket for toys at the top or bottom of the stairs, too.


Some of us have never parked our car in the garage. Instead, we use it for storage. Too many of us just throw stuff in and never look back. When we go looking for something, either we can’t find it or we’re afraid something will fall on our head. Make it a family weekend project to organize the garage.

  • Get rid of old stuff you haven’t thought about in years.
  • Add shelves and pegboards to organize boxes and tools.
  • Get plastic storage bins for any loose items that don’t have their own container.
  • Stack boxes neatly by the wall.
  • Make sure you have good lighting to see.


The kitchen counter is a catch-all for mail, papers, coffee cups, and homework. While it may not present a safety hazard, a messy counter is a major annoyance. The whole family made the mess, so everyone can help clean it up. Once you can see your counter again, set rules that homework needs to go back into backpacks and dishes need to go into the sink. Get a basket or a mail organizer to keep the mail – and make sure to check it nearly every day so it doesn’t overflow later.


For many of us, our closets are just small versions of our garage. We throw stuff in and never look back. In our bedroom closets, we just add more until it may explode in a shower of cotton and denim. Get control of the closet and avoid the possibility of a box falling on your head when you open the door. Hang things up. Stack boxes neatly. Get rid of junk you don’t use anymore. Add shelves and hooks to neatly put things out of the way.

Once you get your home organized, you’ll feel much more relaxed. You won’t worry about what may fly out when you open the linen closet. You won’t feel guilty about the mess anymore, either. And if you keep things need and decluttered, clean up will be easier later.

Worried about someone tripping over your mess before you can get it organized? Contact Charlotte Insurance today, and we’ll let you know what your policy limits are and what to do if someone has an accident in your home.

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