Why an Annual Insurance Review is so Important!

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When one first moves in to their new home, the one thing in common is they must purchase a homeowners insurance policy. Most people do not understand the importance of periodically reviewing their policy and evaluating their needs. Often, the cost to rebuild increases, but some policies may not allow for an increase. What if there’s been a renovation or upgrade? How would one know whether this is covered without a review? Having a major loss is not the time to find out.

One way to assess your needs is to do a home inventory which is a detailed report of all your belongings. Many tools to assist homeowners with this can be found online.

Speak with an Agent at Charlotte Insurance!

A Charlotte Insurance professional can answer many of your questions such as:

  • “If I rebuild today, do I have enough coverage?” You purchased your home 10 years ago…do you have enough coverage to rebuild at today’s costs? Have you added any new appliances? Remodeled a bathroom or bonus room? Finished a basement? Charlotte Insurance can do a newly valued “Cost Estimator”.
  • “My neighbor had a sewage pipe become backed up. Is this covered?” Unless you have optional water backup coverage then no, it’s not standard. If a sump pump breaks and your sewage is backed up, your credit cards may become backed up too from paying for this cost out of pocket! Charlotte Insurance offers coverage for this.
  • “What about outdoor appliances or landscaping?” Have you added a new shed? Swimming pool? What about a sprinkler system? These items, plus that new riding lawn mower you just purchased may not be covered. Ask us.
  • “I bought an expensive piece of jewelry. What if it’s lost or stolen?” Depending on your policy, if it’s over $1,000 it may not be covered. Whether it’s your new diamond ring or expensive watch, you will not be too happy if this item becomes missing and you’re not covered. Allow us to schedule your valuables on your policy.
  • “I have teens. Teens can sometimes be irresponsible. Do I have enough liability insurance?” In reality, all of us can be irresponsible at times. Charlotte Insurance offers Umbrella Protection. Add $1,000,000 or higher coverage on top of your Home & Auto Policy. We don’t want to think of it, but what if you’re driving someone else’s children and have an accident? Better be covered properly.
  • “Do I qualify for discounts if I bundle my insurance or for any other reason? The answer is YES, in most cases. Have a security alarm? Smoke alarms? Do you have a higher degree of education or perhaps are a school teacher, police or fireman, Doctor? Sometimes these can be offsetting factors that allow for more discounts. Combine your Home & Auto Insurance together and in most cases save even more.

Like any other periodic maintenance, an annual review with Charlotte Insurance is the best way to cover, what is for most people, their biggest investment.  This is something that you should not put off.  Unlike physical exercise, Charlotte Insurance will do all the heavy lifting. No worries.  You won’t even break a sweat.   To get started, call us at (704) 552-5888 or email us at quote@charlotteinsurance.com, today.

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