Personal Auto Insurance Now Available for Uber and LYFT Drivers in Charlotte

Written By Charlotte Insurance on December 28, 2016. It has 0 comments.

For most rideshare drivers, especially those who work with Uber and Lyft, finding affordable personal auto insurance that covers you when you’re working has been nearly impossible. Most insurance companies didn’t offer anything to fit your needs or if they did, it was too expensive.

Here at Charlotte Insurance, we’re happy to announce we can now offer personal auto insurance to cover you when you’re waiting on a fare, while you’ve got a ride, and when you’re using your vehicle for personal use.


Most personal auto insurance companies will not cover accidents or other damage that occurs while you use your vehicle for business purposes. In some cases, your claim can be denied and your coverage dropped. For several years, the best option has been a hybrid gap coverage or a separate commercial auto insurance policy.

Many drivers rely on the coverage provided by Uber and Lyft, but those policies comes with restrictions. You are only covered by their liability and physical damage coverage while you’re on your way to pick someone up or have them in your vehicle. They offer contingent liability coverage of 50/100/25 while you’re waiting for a fare. Unfortunately this coverage may not be enough if the accident involves multiple vehicles or if someone decides to sue.


The insurance offered by Uber and Lyft may help, but it’s not enough, especially if an accident results in total damage or medical expenses. Add the very real possibility of a lawsuit, and you’re looking at a bill you may not be able to afford. You’re working as a rideshare driver to earn money, not lose it all because you don’t have the right insurance.

Charlotte Insurance can provide specialized coverage at competitive rates to keep you protected no matter how you’re using your vehicle.

  • Insurance while you’re using the app with no fare
  • Insurance while you’re driving with a fare in your vehicle
  • Insurance while you’re using your vehicle for personal use

Instead of running the risk of losing your auto insurance coverage or having a claim denied after an accident, you can breathe easy knowing you’ll be fully covered. You’ll also avoid the surprise of being stuck with a bill if the damage or medical bills are higher than the basic coverage offered by Uber or Lyft. You’ll benefit from one policy that protects you personally and professionally.

When you’re ready to get the auto insurance policy built specifically for Uber and Lyft drivers, contact us at Charlotte Insurance. We’re here to help.

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