Insurance for Full Time RVers – Avoid These Mistakes

Written By Charlotte Insurance on November 26, 2021. It has 0 comments.

a retired couple standing in front of their RV thinking about their need for full time RV insurance

RV life appeals to more people now than ever before. From retirees to 20-somethings, many are making their RV their full-time home. No matter why you’ve sold your house and put everything into your home on wheels, you need to protect it with the right insurance coverage.

Make sure you don’t make these common RV insurance mistakes.

Mistake: Not Telling Your Agent You’re a Full Time RVer

The type of RV insurance coverage you need as a part-time user is much different than living in your RV full time. Not only do you need coverage for the RV itself, but liability and personal property coverage become more important. Plus, not all RV policies cover full-time living, so if you don’t disclose that, you might not have coverage when you need it most.

Mistake: Taking the First Policy You Find

It’s important to shop around for your RV insurance because not all insurers offer the same level of coverage or for the same price. Working with an independent insurance agency like ours makes this an easy process. One person does the work for you to get you multiple quotes so you can pick the best policy for you.

Mistake: Not Having Enough Liability Coverage

Your liability risk increases as a full time RVer. It’s important to consider your liability similarly to a homeowner. What if your dog bites someone? What if someone falls near your RV, even if it’s in a common area? You want a large enough policy to take care of any potential lawsuits and medical bills if someone gets hurt.

Mistake: Not Having Enough Personal Property Coverage

Because you’re living in your RV all the time, you’re hauling around all of your possessions. This is what you need to live. You’re not on vacation, so you likely have laptops for work, valuables you don’t want to put in storage, and everything you need to function in your RV. It’s important to have enough personal property coverage to replace everything, if necessary.

Mistake: Not Asking About Replacement Cost Coverage

RV insurance tends to function like both homeowners insurance and auto insurance at the same time. With auto insurance, the default is to replace a totaled automobile based on its current value while home insurance replaces a lost home at the cost to rebuild (up to the policy limit). Since your RV is your home, you need to know it will be replaced after a major accident. Replacement cost coverage will help you do that, but it’s not always automatically included in an RV policy.

Mistake: Thinking RV Insurance is Too Expensive

RV insurance is often more affordable than people realize. A full time RV policy will be more expensive than the policy you need for casual use. However, if you’ve been living in a home with homeowners insurance, you may be surprised at how affordable your RV policy is by comparison. Working with an independent insurance agency will help you find the best price.

Living in your RV full time is a big adventure and a major life change. You want the freedom to go where the road takes you. Don’t let one accident ruin it all. Make sure you have the right RV insurance and enough of it for your new RV life.

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