Keep Cool without a Pool

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In the middle of a stifling summer nothing sounds better than a cool dip in the pool to make you forget the heat. Swimming in a pool may be a great way to cool off, but with all of the added risks, increased insurance costs, and required maintenance – sometimes having a pool just isn’t worth it. Here are some things that you can do beat the heat without a pool.


Do you remember being a kid in summer? The heat barely bothered us; there was too much to do! To stay cool during the summer months, it’s time to feel like a kid again. Water balloons, wet sponges, and water guns are great ways to cool down and play in the yard. Get the kids involved or make it a grown-up game with friends and neighbors.

Enjoy the simple pleasures like a kid, again. Dunk your feet into the cheap kiddie pool from a discount store, except now you can enjoy a drink while you do. Jump around in the sprinklers. Eat popsicles. It’ll cool you down, and you’ll have so much fun, you won’t notice the heat.


Water with ice in it is always a good idea in the summer. You can also freeze fruit and pull it out of the freezer when you need a snack. Take advantage of summer fruits like melons and some berries. They’re filled with water which will keep you hydrated and when they’re fresh from the refrigerator, they’re crisp and cool.

You’re not a kid anymore so instead of sugary juices, keep sparkling water on ice in a cooler. Make adult beverages like frozen margaritas. Eventually you won’t care about the heat or your lack of a pool. Note: don’t let anyone drive home if they’ve had too much to drink. Get them an Uber or let them stay at your place.


You can build a fort or tent in the yard and add a fan. Buy a misting system that attaches to awnings or umbrellas. Pull a big fan out of your garage, plug it in with an extension cord, and let it move the stifling hot air around you. If you’ve got a porch with no roof, consider adding an awning for some extra shade.

Consider enclosing your porch to make it a Florida room. You can add a ceiling fan and shades to keep the heat out. Plus, you’ll add to the value and space of your home while also having a permanent way to stay cool during the summer every year.

Whether you do small, simple things to stay cool this summer or you think long-term to the next few years, you’ve got more options than you realize to beat the heat. When all else fails, take a cool shower and go inside.

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