Protecting Common Areas: Liability and Property Insurance Solutions for Apartment Communities

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Protecting Common Areas Liability and Property Insurance Solutions for Apartment Communities

Apartment communities have different insurance needs than detached homes that are situated in standard neighborhoods. Since an apartment building is owned by one company, also known as the landlord, and contains separate apartments occupied by tenants, several distinct types of insurance protections are necessary.

On top of that, the owners of the apartment complex need to have some safety measures in place in order to prevent them from ending up liable for certain injuries and damages, as well as to keep their insurance premiums down.

Which types of insurance fall into this category? What are the safety measures? We’ll go over both of them here.

Liability Solutions

When it comes to liability, there are a number of things that an apartment complex owner can do to ensure that they have everything covered. For example, putting up security lights in hallways and common spaces, as well as security cameras, can help ensure that all communal areas are illuminated and provide a visual record should something happen.

In addition, limiting access to the building by using a keycard, passcode, or traditional key system will make it so that only tenants and their guests can enter the building, eliminating certain shenanigans.

Also, the landlord (or landlords, depending on who owns the building), should do everything possible to maintain the building. This involves repairing pipes and HVAC systems, preventing leaks, restoring the roof and walls when needed. All of these things will make the living situation better for the tenants, as well as lower the chances of having to call in an insurance claim.

Insurance Policies for Protection

On top of keeping the building in good shape and enacting a number of security measures, the owners of an apartment complex have several insurance policies that they can choose to put into place. They include:

  • Property Coverage – This is insurance on the building itself, including the walls, roof, foundation, and more, which could help pay for repairs after a windstorm, among other things.
  • Liability Insurance – You can enact all the possible safety measures imaginable, and accidents will still happen. Should someone trip and fall in the shared area of your building, your liability insurance will pay for their medical care and missed wages.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance – Most apartment complexes have employees, ranging from those who manage the maintenance to leasing agents who take care of tenant issues. With them comes the chance of an employee getting injured on the property, which is why workers’ compensation insurance is crucial.
  • Business Interruption Insurance – What happens if the building catches fire and must be evacuated during the repair process? Rather than suffer from the loss of rent and having to pay for the tenant’s additional expenses out of pocket, you can call in a claim on your business interruption insurance.

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