Life Insurance is more Romantic than you Thought

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you may be thinking about how to tell your partner exactly how much you love them. Dinner, flowers, and gifts are nice, but there’s another way to show the special people in your life that you care.

Buy a life insurance policy as a way to say, “I love you.”


You do all kinds of things to show your family or spouse you love them. You tell them you love them, buy gifts you know they’ll enjoy, and even remind them to buckle up or call you when they get to their destination. All of those things are wonderful acts of love, but you get to see the impact — hugs, kisses, happy smiles.

When you buy your family a life insurance policy, you’re taking care of them without ever hearing the “thank you” or seeing them benefit from it. They’re provided for and have a few less worries, but you’re not able to be there with them. It’s a selfless act of love.


We all hope that we’ll live to ripe old ages and be able to watch our loved ones achieve all their dreams and goals. But illness, accidents, and other tragedies can cut a life too short. Your loved ones will suffer and grieve when you die – whether it’s in five or 50 years. But with a life insurance policy, they don’t have to give up everything.

Part of loving someone is wanting the best for them and appreciating their gifts and skills. Under the weight of an unexpected financial burden, many spouses and parents have given up on their dreams. When you purchase a life insurance policy for your family after you’re gone, you’re telling them they can still do all the things they wanted to, that they don’t have to give up their dreams. You’re taking care of them even in death.


A kiss on the nose. Holding hands. The shared smile across the dinner table. There are so many ways to tell someone you love them. When the worst happens, a life insurance policy becomes another way to say, “I love you.”

A good life insurance policy can do so much. The funeral is paid for. “I love you.” The mortgage is covered. “Love you.” Childcare, college tuition, and student loans won’t send your family into debt. “I love you so much.” Make sure your loved ones feel how deeply you care even when you’re gone.

Life insurance can feel like a morbid topic. It only pays out once you’ve died, and no one wants to think they’re ever going to die. Instead of letting it depress you, think of life insurance as the ultimate loving act – the last one you’ll ever get to do for someone.

Are you ready to show your love with a life insurance policy? Contact Charlotte Insurance today and let us help you find a policy that will say, “I love you” in hundreds of thousands of ways.

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