National Drivers Test

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Each year, millions of Americans fail the GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test. Looking back, what are the most common mistakes folks make? To a great number of drivers, it seems that yellow lights, yellow lines and knowing the safe following distance when driving behind another vehicle are the topics in the most difficult questions on the National Drivers Test. Below are the three questions most often answered incorrectly each year. Take this mini-test and see how you’d do…

1. Under most conditions what is a safe following distance?
A. 3 seconds
B. 10 seconds
C. 20 seconds

2. A solid yellow line, on your side of the center line, means:
A. Reduce speed
B. Traffic light ahead
C. Do not pass

3. When you approach a traffic signal displaying a steady yellow light, you must:
A. Go through the intersection before it turns red
B. Stop if it is safe to do so
C. Be prepared to stop
D. Slow down and proceed with caution

Answer key is listed below.

How’d you do? We hope this mini-test helped you refresh your driving credentials so that you will be a safer driver.

Look for more emails to follow and get ready to test your driving knowledge!



1. A. 3 seconds
2. C. Do not pass
3. B. Stop if it is safe to do so

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