Organizing Your Home Office

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A home office, much like the guest room it likely used to be, are often where people stack things and say, “I’ll deal with it later.” Now that it’s the start of a new year, consider this “later.” Make a fresh start with an organized home office. Not only will you feel better about it, but if you work from home, you’ll be more productive, too.


The only way to get organized is to make sure you have a place for everything. Take a look at what you’ve got available. This is the time to buy bins, file folders, binders, a storage cabinet, a new desk if you need it, and anything else you may need to help you put everything away.


Now take a look at the stacks of paperwork you’ve neglected. Much of it can be thrown away. Make sure to shred anything personal or with identifying information on it. File everything you need to keep. This is when those files or binders you purchased will come in handy. Wherever possible, go paperless – scan old documents and only print what you absolutely need.


You have multiple options for filing systems. Document storage on the cloud, file folders, or binders can all be used. Separate out your paperwork so you can put your hands on it again when you need. Sort files by information for your home, automobile, health insurance, and business information. Make sure to keep all insurance paperwork with the appropriate file or binder.


When you have a small home office, space comes at a premium. To find extra room, look to your walls. Tall bookcases make a great home for all of your books. Whiteboards and cork boards can hold your small papers, ideas, and notes. You’ll free up your desk space and make your office more efficient.


If you work part or full time from your home office, it’s not enough to organize your workspace. Now is also a great time to make sure your business is organized, too. If you have inventory, make sure it’s put away — and insured properly. If you run a digital business, you need to be insured, too.

Your North Carolina homeowner’s insurance policy may only cover a portion of any inventory you have, if that. Purchasing additional coverage protects both you and your business. For any other work you may do from home, your standard policy won’t cover you from most damage like professional liability or commercial use of your vehicle. A business insurance policy can be tailored to your specific business.

When you’re done organizing your home office and putting everything away, give some thought to your insurance needs. Contact us at Charlotte Insurance so we can help you find the best policy for the work you do in your home.

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