Planning for a Hurricane

Written By Charlotte Insurance on June 29, 2012. It has 0 comments.

The North Carolina shore can be a favorite target for hurricanes. This hurricane season, you should not only be prepared for a hurricane to hit, you should also know what to do during and after a storm. Your home insurance NC should be in place, as well as a flood insurance policy and hurricane coverage if you are in a high storm exposure area. Here are some steps to take before, during and after a storm hits:

  • Listen to your battery operated radio for updates.
  • Make sure your emergency supplies are intact.
  • Have a full tank of gas.
  • Bring in outdoor furniture which can become a dangerous projectile in the wind.
  • Board up windows.
  • Put freezer on coldest setting.
  • Beware of dangerous animals and snakes driven to higher ground by floodwaters.
  • Avoid loose power lines.
  • Take some pictures of damages.
  • After the storm, open some windows and doors to ventilate the house if there was water damage.

Your home insurance NC is a valuable asset to have in place. You should make sure you have enough coverage in place in the event of a total loss of the house. However, realize homeowners’ policies do not cover floods, so you will need a separate flood policy. Additional insurance is also usually required for hurricanes.

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