Preparing to Sell Your Home

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Whether you’re moving up to a larger home for your growing family or you’re downsizing as empty nesters, selling your home is your first step. You want to get the most out for your current home so you can easily move onto the next stage of your life. Here’s what you need to do to get your home ready to sell.

Make Repairs

Even the smallest things can turn a potential buyer away from your home. Replace a cracked wall plate. Install a new faucet. Make sure all light bulbs work. And those are just the small things. Finding later that large repairs need to be done can lead to a request to lower the price or the buyers walking away from sale, so take care of those big things — repair the roof, new gutters, fix the garage door — before you list it.

Declutter Everything but Especially Closets

Buyers want to see your home, not your stuff. They also want to know if their belongings will fit if they buy the property. That means they’ll look closely at room size and available closet space. Make sure they’re not inundated with your clutter as they’re deciding to put in an offer or not. Trash, donate, or store your extra stuff so your home looks clean and clear.

Repaint the Walls

If your home is already full of neutral colors, you can probably skip this step. But any room that is a bright or “wild” color should be repainted. You may love a bright violet or grass green, but you want your home to appeal to a stranger. Bright colors can turn people away when they look at pictures before they view the property. Neutral tones invite people to view your home and help them imagine themselves living there.

Deep Clean Bathrooms

You know your bathroom is clean — you clean it all the time. But a potential buyer will notice dark stains and grimy tile. Give your bathroom the spa treatment and turn it into a spa when buyers view your home. A deep clean, a few decorative towels or soaps, and nice accessories can make a great impression for even the smallest bathroom.

Service the HVAC

The HVAC unit of any home is a big concern for most buyers. They want to know it works well and won’t need to be replaced anytime soon. Make sure you schedule service and maintenance before you list your home. They’ll be able to find and repair any small problems and give you a clean bill of health for your unit. This gives buyers peace of mind and makes it easier for them to make an offer.

Pay Attention to the Exterior

Curb appeal matters more than most people realize. Many buyers will drive by a home several times before they walk inside. As a seller, you want them to see what makes your home great. What you don’t want them to see are overgrown weeds, too-high grass, and a cluttered yard. Pressure wash the outside of your home. Landscape the yard. Clean up the tools, hoses, and other stuff that you’ve left outside. Repair or repaint the shutters. This will be a buyer’s first impression of your home, and you want them to love what they see.

Remember Small Touches

The smallest details can make a big difference. Make sure your home smells nice — clean and fresh. Avoid overly strong smells, whether a cleanser or a candle, as these can be a turn off for buyers. Replace your welcome mat. It’s a small first impression but it tells buyers that you take care of your home. Always tidy up before a showing so buyers see your home in the best light possible.

When you sell your home and move into your next, you’ll need tp update your home insurance or get a renter’s insurance policy. Give Charlotte Insurance a call for a free quote before you move.

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