What to be Rewarded for being a Safe Driver?

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Are you a driver who keeps your cell phone safely out of arms reach, sticks to the speed limit, and never has an accident? Yet even with no tickets or accidents, you may have seen your premiums go up each year. It doesn’t seem logical that you’re paying more even though you’re being safe out on the road. But now, we have a reward for that!

You need SmartDrive.


The SmartDrive program from National General rewards safe driving behaviors with lower insurance premiums, and shows drivers who could be safer out on the road what they’re doing wrong. Simply for participating you can receive a 5% discount on your insurance premiums. The real savings kick in once you show how safe of a driver you really are.

How does this work? It’s done through the Route Report Smartphone App which measures your driving behavior. Based on the results of your Performance Rating score that the App calculates for you, the App will give you an insurance premium rate tailored to reflect your driving style. The best drivers save the most amount of money.


The Route Report Smartphone App uses information from your phone while you’re driving to produce report to show how safe of a driver you are. The App relies on your phone’s location services to figure out if you’ve reached specific speeds or travelled certain distances.

The data collected to calculate your Performance Rating score includes multiple factors about your driving behaviors:

  • The time of day when you’re driving
  • Whether you’re distracted while driving because you’re handling your phone
  • Hard and extreme braking while driving
  • Reaching speeds at or above 80 miles per hour

If you believe you are a Safe Driver and want to receive our discounts, contact Charlotte Insurance today and ask about how you can join the SmartDrive program. Help make the roads safer for everyone. Call us at (704) 552-5888!

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