Ring in the New Year Safely

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As you plan where you’re going and what you’ll do this New Year’s Eve, think about how you’ll do it safely. Who’s going to drive? Will you know the people you’re enjoying the night with? Will you have people over or will you go out?

You can have a good time this New Year’s, but to avoid expensive accidents and big insurance claims, make sure you know how to stay safe, too.

Stay Safe While Drinking

New Year’s Eve is the night to have a few drinks and let your hair down for the night. Whether you’re sipping champagne or enjoying a cocktail, planning ahead keeps you safe. Know how you’re getting home — a ride-share, a designated driver, staying at the same place you’re celebrating. And if you’re not drinking, offer to be the designated driver for your friends. Do your best to avoid leaving your car parked overnight in a parking lot — car thefts are common after any major holiday, but especially New Year’s Eve.

If you’re hosting a party, understand your liability as the host. Talk to your insurance agent to make sure you’re covered. To protect your guests and yourself, offer more than alcoholic beverages, take peoples’ keys, never serve anyone underage, and have a cut-off time when alcohol isn’t available.

Be Safe on the Road

If getting out on the road is part of your New Year’s plans, make sure you do it safely. Take your time in traffic and watch for other drivers. There are often checkpoints along major routes looking for people driving under the influence, which means there are plenty of inebriated people behind the wheel. 

At the same time, there will be lots of traffic and the roads may be wet or slippery. Tonight isn’t a night to speed on even the most familiar road. Be patient, and give yourself plenty of time to get wherever you’re going. That last thing you want is an auto accident.

Watch Those Fireworks

When in doubt, don’t have fireworks at all. Watch a local display put on by the city or a community organization instead. But if fireworks are a family tradition, make sure to buy just a few. Don’t let small children handle them, and keep well away from your home, trees, or anything flammable. Keep a fire extinguisher, bucket of sand, or garden hose on hand in case sparks start to fly.

New Year’s Eve is a night to celebrate the year behind us and look forward to the year ahead. Make sure everyone in your group or family has a good time by following basic safety precautions. But if something does go wrong, call Charlotte Insurance so we can help you through the claims process.

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