RV Insurance Myths

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an RV owned by people reviewing our RV insurance myths

Traveling the country in your RV sounds like a dream come true. Unfortunately, too many think getting RV insurance sounds like a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be that way! Make sure you haven’t fallen for these myths so that you and your home on wheels are protected once you hit the road.

Myth: Your RV is Covered by Auto and Home Insurance

Not quite. Your auto insurance only covers your trailer while it’s being towed, and it only provides liability coverage. Once you unhitch, your auto insurance isn’t available to you. Plus, it won’t protect against any damage, even while you’re towing it. Your home insurance only provides coverage while you’re parked at home, and it’s not enough to cover the kitchen, bathroom, furniture, or accessories. Once you get on the road, your homeowners insurance doesn’t apply.

An RV insurance policy covers your travel trailer, pop-up, or motorhome while parked and on the road.

Myth: Your Travel Trailer Coverage Works for Your Motorhome

That’s a big no on this one. If you think you can simply transfer your travel trailer coverage to your new motorhome after an upgrade, you’re about to be disappointed. Class A, B, and C motorhomes all need a policy that covers the physical components of your RV and your personal possessions. At the same time, RV insurance for motorhomes also offer the kind of coverage found in personal auto insurance coverage. Remember, your auto insurance won’t cover your motorhome.

Travel trailer coverage won’t be enough for your motorhome. After an accident, you’ll be the one paying out of pocket to get back on the road.

Myth: RV Insurance is the Same as Auto Insurance

While RV insurance offers certain protections and coverage similar to auto insurance, it’s not at all the same. Your RV faces different risks that require a different kind of insurance policy. At the same time, your RV has many components that a typical passenger vehicle doesn’t. You need specialized insurance for a special vehicle, especially once that functions as a home away from home with amenities like a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.

Just like there are key differences between driving your RV and your personal vehicle, there are key differences between the insurance coverage you need for both.

Myth: All RV Insurance Policies are the Same

As with any insurance coverage, no two policies are identical. It’s important to look at the options available from multiple insurance carriers (and we have access to many carriers to help you!). Your coverage needs will also be predicated on the type of RV you have. Your motorhome requires a different kind of insurance coverage than a pop-up.

Make sure you choose an RV insurance policy that fits the RV you own and your needs as a traveler and owner.

Myth: RV Insurance is Expensive

RV insurance, like all other forms of insurance, comes in a variety of packages and price points. Many people want to depend on their home, auto, or former travel trailer insurance because they fear the cost of RV insurance. Coverage for your RV doesn’t have to be expensive. Just like with other insurance coverage, it’s important to shop around, set realistic policy limits, and look for discounts to bring your costs down.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to overpay for your RV insurance.

Ready to fully insurance your RV, before you hit the road? Contact Charlotte Insurance for a free quote and for answers to your insurance questions.

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