Safeguarding Your Fun on the Water – All You Need to Know About NC Boat Insurance

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Safeguarding Your Fun on the Water - All You Need to Know About NC Boat Insurance

Life on the coast means plenty of chances to get on the water, whether you prefer fishing or simply enjoy the peace that comes with spending some time on the ocean. However, without boating insurance, you could be setting yourself up for some very high expenses that can take the fun right out of this beloved pastime.

Clearly, it’s crucial to have insurance in place to protect yourself. Wondering what else you need to know about boat insurance? Here are some answers to the most common questions.

Do I Absolutely Need Boat Insurance in North Carolina?

According to the laws of North Carolina, you need to have boat insurance before you even set foot in the water. Not having a policy in place can lead to fines and other issues if you’re caught boating without one. This is designed to protect both you, your passengers, and anyone else that you encounter on the water.

In addition, anytime that you’re on your boat, make sure that you have a copy of your insurance policy with you, along with your registration for the vehicle. This is good to have on hand, just in case. Remember that a boat might float on water, but it’s a vehicle just like a car, so you need to treat it the same.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Generally, boat insurance is similar to car insurance. There are some slightly different things that it covers, but your insurance options include things like liability, uninsured motorist, and even comprehensive or collision insurance. On top of the standards, your boating insurance should cover:

  • The Hull – The hull of your boat is particularly prone to issues. Even if you have it stored in your yard, out of the water, it could be damaged by a hurricane, tornado, or even a fire. In addition to covering the boat’s hull, this type of insurance also takes care of damages to the trailer that you use to haul it, any motors on the boat, and other related equipment.
  • Potential Fuel Spills – The possibility of a fuel spill can be catastrophic, depending on the extent. Fuel in the water can cause environmental harm and lead to fines that you’ll have to pay in order to fund the cleanup. Thankfully, some types of boating insurance include this coverage, or you could opt for an additional rider, just in case.

What if Someone Gets Hurt (or Worse) on My Boat?

As with auto insurance policies, those designed for boats also cover your passenger’s injuries. Called bodily injury liability, this coverage is usually built into a general boating insurance policy. It will kick in should any of your passengers become injured in an accident that’s deemed to be you fault.

Having Fun on the Water

Boating is an enjoyable pastime, as long as you have the right insurance coverage in place. Need boating insurance or have any questions regarding policies? Call our team at Charlotte Insurance today, and we’ll be happy to help ensure you are fully protected and all your boating insurance needs are met.


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