Setting Up Internet Access at Home

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Are you looking to set up internet access at you NC home? Arranging your internet does not have to be a difficult process. These are some of the key issues to look at. Remember, if you make any major changes to your home or buy expensive new equipment, speak to an agent about updating your home insurance policy.


You’ll need a computer, if you don’t already have a desktop or notebook computer. You will also need a wireless router or internet modem, along with the appropriate cables if you’re setting up a wired connection.

Choosing a Provider and Plan

There are a range of different internet service providers, each offering different plans. Have a look at a few different providers who provide the service in your area, and compare plans and prices. You might be able to obtain a cheaper deal if you bundle internet with other services such as TV or mobile phone.

Wireless or Wired?

Wireless internet is widely available and it can be very convenient as you can move around your home without the encumbrance of cables. However, if you’re using a desktop, you might find that a wired connection is just as good.

Many homeowners have already opted for installing internet access at home. Should you be thinking about installing internet at home, remember to compare providers and plans before buying. You might also find it useful to update your home insurance policy by speaking with an agent.

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