Spring Cleaning – Inside and Out

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Spring has sprung, and it’s time to make sure your home gets some much needed attention now that the cold winter months are behind us. Spring cleaning and maintenance aren’t just good for shaking the dust out of your home, but also for preventing unnecessary accidents or the need for expensive insurance claims.

Taking care of your home is a big job that takes some time and energy. Make it a little easier with our checklists of what to do inside and outside of your home. In a few weekends, you could have a cleaner, more well-maintained home allowing you to enjoy the spring without worrying about what needs to get done.


Use spring cleaning as a way to make sure everything is working properly in your home.

  1. Check electrical outlets for loose plugs or frayed wires to prevent potential fire hazards.
  2. Make sure your fire extinguisher is still in good working condition.
  3. Check your water heater for leaks or corrosion.
  4. Clean built up dryer lint from the exhaust duct and the space underneath your dryer.
  5. Change the smoke detector batteries and check to make sure all alarms work.
  6. Clean everything. This is more than your generic cleaning. Wash down cabinets, vacuum furniture and mattresses, dust the hard to reach spaces, have your carpets professionally cleaned, etc.
  7. Check your attic or basement for mold, mildew, or infestations.
  8. Look for leaks in your faucets, washing machines, and dishwashers. Don’t forget to check for clogged or sweaty pipes, too.


Once you’re done with the inside of your home, head outside to get some work done.

  1. Inspect your roof and chimney for any damage after all the winter weather. Make repairs immediately to prevent possible leaks. Have your chimney flue cleaned.
  2. Check gutters and downspouts for damage. Clean them out so water will be able to flow easily. Replace any pieces that no longer function properly.
  3. Take a look at your wood railings, decks, or patios. Repair any loose or weakened spots.
  4. Have dead or rotting trees and bushes removed. Make sure branches are trimmed back away from your house.
  5. Fill or repair cracks and uneven areas of your driveway and walkways to prevent accidents.
  6. If you have low areas of your yard, fill them with compacted soil. This will help reduce flooding later.
  7. Check your lawn equipment to make sure it’s in good working order.
  8. Check faucets, spigots, and sprinkler systems to make sure everything works and there are no leaks. Also inspect your garden hoses and throw out any that are rotting or leaking.
  9. Have your HVAC system serviced. After a winter of running the heat, it may need some basic maintenance. You also want to make sure it will work when summer arrives.

Spring cleaning doesn’t just freshen up your home and yard – it also gives you a chance to repair any small problems before they become big ones. A little time and effort now can save you aggravation and big claims later.

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