The Hartford’s Guide to Worker’s Comp

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WHAT IS IT – It’s “on-the-job” insurance for injured workers.

Workers’ comp provides benefits to your employees for work-related injuries or illnesses. This includes reasonable expenses for necessary medical care, wages from lost work time, disability benefits and survivor or death benefits.

WHY DO YOU NEED IT – Health insurance is not a substitute.

When one of your employees gets hurt on the job or has a work-related illness, only workers’ comp will cover them. Health insurance won’t even consider the expenses, like your employee’s pay or medical deductibles.

WHAT IT COVERS – Full-time, part-time – maybe even you.

The laws vary by state, but full-time and part-time employees are covered by workers’ comp and in some states business owners, partners and officers may be covered too.

WHAT IT COSTS – Rates are based on three key factors.

It depends on the business you’re in, your workers’ comp track record and how that compares to other companies in the same business. And finally, it depends on how much you pay your people.

ABOUT CLAIMS – Report it right away, big or small.

The best thing you can do for your employees – and for you – is to immediately report all on-the-job injuries or work-related illnesses. This will help them get the care they need and protect you in case their small cut with a few stitches turns into something much bigger down the road.

AUDITS – An audit is a good thing.  Really.

The purpose of an audit is to make sure you’re paying the right premium so that you don’t pay too much or too little. The result may even be a refund.

HOW TO BUY IT – Your choice today could last a lifetime.

Having workers’ comp may not be a choice. But who you get it from is. Ask questions, compare coverage and look at reputation. Your decision could make the difference in the life of your employees.

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