The Return of the Back Yard Farmers

Written By Charlotte Insurance on June 14, 2012. It has 0 comments.

A once almost-lost art which is becoming more popular of late is personal gardening and farming. For those who have access to a little extra land, growing produce or even raising chickens and other animals may provide a healthy and less expensive alternative to grocery bills. Some people doing this have even become so productive that they are able to sell their extra produce to the public at local farm stands. In cases such as these it’s important to consider whether home insurance in NC will provide enough coverage. In general, as the size of your production increases, there will be more options and types of policies or endorsements to consider.

A possible reason for what appears to be an increase in personal farming has to do with the uncertainty of the economy. With the potential for economic collapse becoming more of a possibility, an increasing number of part time growers want to be able to maintain a certain level of self-sufficiency in the event of goods and services being depleted for an extended period of time.

Other part time growers enjoy being able to grow their own organic produce and have free ranging hens on natural diets producing local organic eggs. In many cases, small part time growers and farmers who don’t sell to the public need not be concerned with additional insurance policies or coverage on top of their NC home insurance for their hobby and potential food supply.  Should you require more information about insurance for your small holding, contact our office.

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