Why Having All of Your Insurance with the Same Insurance Agency is So Important

Written By Charlotte Insurance on February 11, 2020. It has 0 comments.

We all lead busy lives. Convenience is everything these days. It’s why we like two-day shipping, food delivery apps, and being able to pick up the groceries we ordered online without getting out of the car. Anytime we can save both time and money, it’s a win-win. Which is exactly why all of your insurance policies should be with the same agency.

Need a little convincing? Here are several benefits to using one independent insurance agency for all your insurance needs.


Let’s start with the factor that’s usually at the top of everyone’s list. When you bundle your insurance through the same company, that company offers a discount. Why? Because discounts help retain customers and bundled policies tend to be more convenient for both you and the insurance company.

One Call

Even if all of your policies aren’t through the same carrier, but you work with a single agency, you have one major convenience. You only need to make one call, no matter what happens. In a car accident? Need to update your mailing address? One call and you connect with the right person, every time — without going through endless menu options and hold music. Your independent insurance agent will also be there to help you through any and all claims, so you’re working with someone you know and trust every time.

Easier to Switch

If you work with one company for auto insurance, one for your home insurance, and another for life insurance, any time you want to switch, you have to call each company. That’s more time sitting on hold, confirming your information, and telling them you’re switching to another company. That’s on top of the calls to set up new insurance coverage. Working with a single agency allows you to easily get quotes and make the switch from one carrier to another at once. Whether it’s multiple switches or just one, it’s easier when everything is handled by a single insurance agency.

Want to make the switch to a single insurance agency that can meet all your insurance needs and make sure you get the best possible price? Contact Charlotte Insurance today. We can provide free quotes for new policies and guidance on the coverage you really need for your life.

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