How to Improve Peace of Mind When Moving to a New Home

Written By Charlotte Insurance on October 12, 2018. It has 0 comments.

moving tips

  Let’s face it, moving home is a stressful experience for anyone. Whether you’re just moving a couple of streets away, or you’re exploring a completely new city, there’s so much to think about that it can feel as though you’re losing your mind. It’s no wonder that so many people say that moving into […]

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Types of Fire Extinguishers & How to Use them

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Every home and business should have at least one fire extinguisher. But having one and knowing what to do with it are two different things. Make sure you’ve got the right kind of fire extinguisher for your home or business and that you know how to use it if a fire occurs.

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Home Insurance Vs. Home Warranties – What’s the Difference?

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Your home is the biggest financial investment you may ever make. When something goes wrong, the last thing you want to do is consider the cost of repair and replacement. What do you need – an insurance policy or a home warranty?

Homeowner’s insurance and a home warranty both protect you home from unfortunate circumstances, but they both cover very different things.

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Home Maintenance Schedule

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The best way to prevent accidents, make something last longer, and get the most value out of anything you buy is to take care of it. You take the time to maintain your car by getting your oil changed, your tires rotated, and your brakes checked. But do you take the same care when it comes to maintaining your home?

Take a look at these schedules to keep your home maintained throughout the year to stay safe, keep your home looking good, and make sure everything functions the way you need it to.

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14 Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring is right around the corner! It’s a fresh start, beautiful weather, and time to start new things. But first, it’s time to clean and refresh everything in your life.

Here are some tips to help you tackle your spring cleaning and the beginning of a new season.

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Boomerang Kids and your Insurance

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Once your child left home – for college or just to be out on their own – you thought that was it; one less person in your house. Think again.

After graduating college or living on their own for a while, your child may be one of the four million adults between the ages of 25 and 34 asking to move back in with their parents. They need to save money while they get back on their feet or find that first job, and as their parent, you want to help.

Here are some things you need to consider before move in day.

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Stronger Financial Future

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Forget the “lose 30 pounds by February” resolution. This New Year, make resolutions that will keep you healthier and financially stronger in the years ahead. With just a few tweaks or additions to your current insurance policies, you’ll be in a more secure position when you tackle the sky-diving, marathoning, or mountain climbing resolutions.

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Start the New Year Off Right with an Account Review

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The new year is a time to set new goals, make new plans, and dream new dreams. It’s also a time to get yourself on the right track for the year ahead. Having the right insurance policies in place is an excellent way to make sure that, when life happens (and it will), you’re covered.

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12 Things Millennials Need to Know Before they Buy their First Home

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Buying your first home is a big step and requires a lot of thought, patience, planning, and a need to work with professionals who understand the process. Unless you’ve got enough cash stashed away to pay for the house in full, it’s not as simple as walking up to a house you like and making an offer.

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Why some Homeowners may need Workers Compensation Insurance Policies

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For many homeowners a basic home insurance policy, flood insurance policy, and perhaps an umbrella policy are all the protection they need for their homes to protect against natural disasters, theft, and damage. But for high value clients who possess heirlooms, antiques, and other fine valuables, you understand that the basic insurance policies are not always enough.

Did you realize, though, that you may be missing a valuable insurance policy for the domestic workers you hire to work in your home?

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