New Year’s Eve Safety Tips From Our North Carolina Insurance Agency!

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Are you ready to celebrate your way into the New Year? Many Americans make it a point to go out and get their party on with friends and family. While this is fun, it can also be dangerous and risky without the proper precautions and protection. As your trusty North Carolina insurance agency, we have a few tips to share before the big night.

•    Plan ahead by finding a designated driver. If you absolutely cannot drive home, you are going to need a friend, or cab!

•    If you are hosting a party, make sure you limit the alcohol and watch your guests. If someone is getting too crazy, cut them off.

•    Those who are going out should pack an overnight bag just in case. Those who are having people over should prepare for guests to be spending the night.

•    Stay in groups if you are going to a club or bar. Straying away from your friends could lead you to trouble.

•    Make sure you speak with your North Carolina insurance agency about extra coverage for this night of risks.

•    If your children are going out, make sure you are aware of their whereabouts and ensure them that you will be able to pick them up no matter where they are.

•    If you notice a friend is too drunk to drive, do not be afraid to take their keys away.

Being careful on New Year’s Eve does not mean avoiding a drink at all costs; it means knowing your limit and being smart. If you have a feeling you will be drinking a lot, plan properly. If not, it is still important to be careful, especially if you will be on the roads. Once the bars let out, the roads will be filled with irresponsible drivers.

If you are concerned about your coverage, do not hesitate to contact ourNorth Carolina insurance agency. We will be able to set you up with a reliable auto insurance policy to cover any accidents out on the roads. We offer coverage for: collision, comprehensive, property damage liability, medical or personal injury protection and much more.

Allow us to help you ring in the New Year the right way!


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