Our South Carolina Insurance Agency Supports a Healthy Holiday!

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Holiday parties have you hitting the gym like crazy? It is no secret that many Americans fear for their waists around this time of year. However, it is not impossible to eat healthy around the holidays. Take a lesson or two from our South Carolina insurance agency; we have researched this!

Here are a few tips to keep your eating habits in line this season:

#1: Never skip breakfast. Remember to eat a balanced breakfast to jump-start your metabolism and curb your appetite. If not, you WILL eat everything in sight later.

#2: Taste a little of everything. Instead of piling every item on your plate, take a tiny portion of each just to taste.

#3: Fill up on greens. Pass over the green beans! Fill up on a healthy choice to avoid overeating fattening dishes without fiber.

#4: Pass on seconds. Chances are, you are already full. Do not just go for seconds because it is a holiday.

#5: Choose dessert wisely. Everyone loves pecan pie, but is that really the best choice? Instead of a slice, have a small bite of pecan pie, but go with the low-calorie holiday pudding.

#6: Make mindful choices. Take a look at the dips: creamy ranch vs. salsa. Go with the salsa. As for appetizers, there are chicken wings vs. shrimp cocktail. Go with the shrimp. All these little mindful choices add up and will save you a lot of calories.

#7: Do not drink your calories. If you must have an espresso martini, pass on the dessert. If you decide to drink your dessert AND eat it, you are overdoing it. People tend to forget how sugary and calorie-filled drinks are!

It is okay to indulge around the holidays, but be careful to not overdo it. Overeating will not only lead to weight gain, but can cause disease and illnesses such as diabetes, depression, heart disease and much more.Eating healthy and in moderation is the key to good health.

If you are concerned about your diet, be sure to speak with your doctor. With the proper South Carolina insurance, you will not have to worry about doctor visit costs. Our health insurance will cover visits, as well as prescriptions, medical testing, surgical procedures and specialized care.

Now, go enjoy a healthy feast with your family!

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