Breaking News from your NC Insurance Agency: Arsenic in Apple Juice?

Written By Charlotte Insurance on December 7, 2011. It has 0 comments.

It was only a few months ago that Dr. Mehmet Oz announced that apple juice contained arsenic. Such a controversial statement was not taken lightly by the general public or the FDA. However, after researching this claim it has been announced that yes, there is a low level of arsenic found in both apple juice and grape juice. As your North Carolina insurance agency, we believe that you should know the details of this health concern.

-While the FDA believe that the low-level of arsenic is safe, others are concerned that the FDA are allowing too much of the chemical.

-The majority of apple juice drinkers are children. The big question is: how harmful is this chemical to children and their health? This is unclear.

-“The Consumer Reports study showed that nine of 88 samples of apple juice taken from grocery stores had more arsenic than the EPA’s standard for drinking water. But none of the samples exceeded the FDA’s standards for inorganic, or man-made, arsenic.”

-Children under six should not be drinking too much juice in the first place, due to the high calorie count.

-Dr. Oz continues to push for the elimination of arsenic in these products- he believes that it is possible.

To read more about this debate, you can check out USA Today’s article. Hopefully, these recent findings will jump-start the research of arsenic in these beverages. Both you and your child’s health are too important to ignore these findings.

It is cases like this that prove the importance of health insurance. You never know what toxic chemicals you may be ingesting that could harm your body and health. Be sure to speak with our North Carolina insurance agency about a reliable plan. A typical policy will cover doctor visits, prescriptions, specialized care, surgical procedures and medical testing.

Your health should be a top priority- thank you for your findings, Dr. Oz!

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