An Interview with Local Artist, Izzy Karriker

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Izzy Karriker is a young, creative artist in the Charlotte area and is one of two twin daughters of Charlotte Insurance owner, Marty Karriker. When she isn’t painting a masterpiece, Izzy enjoys spending time with her friends and family and giving to local charities. As a huge supporter of Charlotte events, businesses, sports teams, and community events, it is only natural that Charlotte Insurance interviewed this rising star who lives just outside of the Queen City:


Charlotte Insurance: How many years have you been an artist?

Izzy Karriker: I started when I was eight years old. I am now eleven years old, so I have enjoyed painting for three years now.

CI: You are known for your terrific oil paintings. Which of your paintings is your personal favorite?

IK: Thank you so much! Valley of Angels. It has different lights and shadows and dimensions and I had a real good time getting creative with all the colors.

CI: What types of other media have you used to create art in the past?

IK: I have practice sketching, water coloring, ceramic painting and oil painting.

CI: What do you use for inspiration when painting? Family , friends, places, animals, faith/God/spiritual inspiration, other?

IK: Yes to all of those, and my parents found my instructor Mr. Manny Rashet. He surely inspires me in many ways, but mostly I give all the credit to God for allowing me to have all the other things and people around me that inspired me.

CI: Have you ever entered your work into public galleries or local contests?

IK: Yes, I have and they all have been a good experience for me. I especially enjoy painting for charity events.

CI: When & where is the next showing?

IK: I will donate a painting to the Dove House which is a non-profit organization that raises funds to help out abused children and their families. They help out those who have had bad experiences, physically or mentally, by providing shelter, food, therapy, clothes, medicine, or whatever it is that they may need. Here is more information about

CI: Terrific! Any words of encouragement for anyone just beginning to pick up a paint brush?

IK: Have fun with it, enjoy!! And if you mess it up you can always fix it!

For more information about Izzy Karriker’s beautiful oil paint creations, check out her website or follow her on Facebook!

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