What to do if your Home is Vandalized

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Arriving home to discover that vandals have wrecked or damaged part of your property can be a distressing and frightening experience. Although you may be tempted to panic, there are certain steps you should take to help ensure your safety and the success of your home insurance NC claim.

  • Try to stay calm. In the event that you believe the vandals may still be in or around your property, do not enter it. Call the police and wait in a safe location.
  • Call the police as soon as you discover the damage and take photos. Avoid touching anything until given the all clear by policy as they may wish to take fingerprints.
  • Contact your insurance company. Remember to get a copy of the police report to forward on to them, as well as any photos of the damage.
  • Clear up any damage as soon as possible to discourage future occurrences or other criminals.
  • Make sure others in your neighborhood are aware of the incident and encourage extra vigilance in your community.

Increasing the lighting around your property, using graffiti resistant paint and trimming your hedges and outdoor areas can all help deter vandals.

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