Boat Safety Tips

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Warm weather, long days, and the open water – it’s all calling your name. You’re more than ready to take out the boat for a day of family fun, a party on the water, or a fishing trip with friends.

Before you hitch the boat up to take out, be sure to review these safety tips so the trip is a good one for everyone.

  1. Check the local weather before you leave and pay attention once you’re out on the water. Come back in if you see dark clouds, the winds get rough, or there’s a major drop in temperature.
  2. Before you leave, make sure you have everything you need like life jackets, air horns, flares, tools, fire extinguisher, and more. Use a checklist to help you remember everything you need to have onboard.
  3. Let someone know you’re on the water with a float plan. Make sure they have your name and contact information, the name and phone numbers of all passengers, the total number of passengers on the boat, your trip itinerary, and the types of communication and signal equipment onboard.
  4. Check the fuel levels before you leave and top off as necessary.
  5. Test your radio and communication equipment before you get on the water.
  6. Make sure all your lights work.
  7. Maintain a safe speed out on the water.
  8. Stay away from larger boats.
  9. Watch the water and stay alert for buoys, debris, and even wildlife.
  10. Everyone should wear life jackets, especially children.
  11. Don’t drink while you’re on the water. Your chance of an accident doubles when you consume alcohol.
  12. Remind everyone to stay seated while the boat is moving.
  13. Turn off the engine when everyone gets on and off the boat, especially when you’re ready to swim or do other fun water activities.

You worked too long and too hard to afford the luxury of a boat and the lifestyle that comes with it. Make sure your time with family and friends is fun for everyone by making safety a priority with all of your boating activities.

If you’ve got questions about your Charlotte boat insurance policy or you’re considering a new boat and want to know more about your insurance options, give us a call. We’ll help keep you and your family a little safer out on the water.

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