Road Trip Preparation Tips

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Summer is almost over, and you want one last family vacation before the kids go back to school. An easy and affordable option, especially if you’re planning this at the last minute, is a road trip. Hop in your car, hit the open road, and see some of the sights.

Before you pile everyone into the car, make sure you prepare first. This way your trip will be fun and enjoyable for everyone.


Even if it’s not due for an oil change, take it in to have the tires, brakes, and fluids checked. Make sure your windshield wipers and battery are all in good shape. Nothing derails a road trip like sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.


You’re taking your entire family, including the dog, on a long distance drive across state lines and over highways. Take a look at your Charlotte auto insurance policy or give your insurance agent a quick call to make sure you’ve got plenty of coverage. This is a good time to add roadside assistance or up your policy limits.


Assuming you’re not “going wherever the road takes you” for this trip, you’ll want to plan your route in advance. Your trip to Charleston will be long enough without the added time of turning around or getting lost. Know which way you’re headed before you start, even if you plan on using GPS to get you there.


There are all kinds of crazy diners, local specials, and truck stops along the interstates and highways on any road trip. But sometimes all you find is a lonely gas station in the middle of nowhere. As you’re mapping your route, get an idea of when and where you’ll eat and then pack snacks for those times when someone’s hungry and you can’t find a convenience store.


After your phone, battery chargers, clothes, and food, there will still be other things you’ll want to pack. Make sure you have a spare tire and tools if you get a flat. Throw a flashlight and first aid kit into the trunk in case of roadside emergencies. Bring games, pillows, and blankets for the kids.


Last of all, don’t forget to bring your patience on this trip. Road trips are fun but hectic. Between bathroom breaks every few minutes, bored passengers, and crazy drivers, there’s a lot going on. Take your time and try to relax. Remember, this is supposed to be fun.

Road trips make excellent vacations – as long as you’re prepared. Before you hit the road for your next trip, let Charlotte Insurance check your policy to make sure you’ve got enough coverage.

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