Bug Proof your Home

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With spring officially here, bug season is not far away. Get prepared early by taking a few simple steps to bug proof your home. As well as helping to save you and your family from insect invaders, some bug proofing measures such as quality security screen doors might reduce your risk of a burglary and the need to make a claim on your home insurance NC.

Here are a few things you can do to help keep insects at bay:

  • Check screens on doors or windows for wear and tear and holes. Fix or replace as necessary. It may be worth considering investing in good quality security screens for an added level of home protection against robberies.
  • Seal areas around doors and windows to make sure there are no holes where bugs could enter your home.
  • Reduce breeding areas for insects like mosquitoes by eliminating any areas of pooled water outside your home. These could be puddles, stagnant ponds or any other type of still water which could attract them.
  • Keep your home clean and make sure all trash is disposed of regularly in a can with a well fitted lid.

Insects are not only irritating; they can be a big hygiene problem so it’s important to do what you can to eliminate their presence in your home. Your family might benefit in many ways from a more sanitary environment and reduced number of insect bites.

When you do add security features to your home – whether it’s security doors and screens or an alarm system – check in with your agent. When it’s time to renew your home insurance NC you may quality for a reduced rate.

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