Celebrate Insurance Awareness Day

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If the only time you think about insurance is when you need to file a claim, you’re not alone. Most people would prefer not to think about it at all. But your policy, whether auto, home, renters, or life, is such a crucial way to protect yourself that it’s not something to forget about completely. That’s what makes Insurance Awareness Day, on June 28, so important.

Think of it as a mid-year check-up for the protection of your home, family, and business.

The Origins of Insurance

Believe it or not, insurance isn’t a modern invention. It’s been around in some form or another for thousands of years, dating back to 3000 BC. The Code of Hammurabi, the set of first written laws, even include some information about insurance protection. Modern insurance, as we know it, was put into place after the Great Fire of London in the 1600s. All the devastation and loss of life and property helped bring about the concept of property insurance — the idea that you could pay to protect your property. From there, other forms of insurance coverage were born.

Personal Insurance

For Insurance Awareness Day, you can do several things to better protect yourself and your family. One quick call or meeting with your independent insurance agent, and you’ll know you’re properly covered when you need it.

  • Review your current policies to make sure you have as much insurance as you can afford.
  • Update your information especially if your commute has changed or if you’ve renovated your home.
  • Ask about discounts you may qualify for, especially if you’ve made recent changes.
  • Make sure you’re not paying too much for your insurance coverage. Ask for a free quote.
  • Check your policy limits to make sure they can cover you in a disaster. This is especially true for home insurance as rebuilding costs have gone up over the years.

Business Insurance

Insurance Awareness Day is a perfect time to take another look at your business insurance, too. As your business grows and changes, so do your insurance needs. Set a meeting to go over your insurance coverage with your insurance agent.

  • Review your current policies to make sure your business information, including employee information, is accurate.
  • Remind employees about current safety procedures to help avoid accidents. This is also a good time to review your safety procedures to make sure they’re updated.
  • Check your cyber security. Although you should have cyber insurance, you don’t want to have to use it unnecessarily, either.
  • Make sure you have the right kind of insurance for your business. This includes liability coverage and protection for your inventory, equipment, and other property.

For business or personal insurance coverage, let Charlotte Insurance help you protect what matters most. Give us a call to discuss your insurance needs this Insurance Awareness Day!

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