Do I need an SR-22 even if I don’t have a Car?

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Mistakes happen. In your case, you were in an accident and found to be driving under the influence. The whole situation was scary and stressful for everyone involved. Now you’re ready to get your driver’s license back, and the court is requiring an SR-22 form from an insurance company first.

There’s just one problem. You don’t own a car.

What are you supposed to do?


An SR-22 is a form mandated by the state to show that you have taken necessary steps of financial responsibility in case there’s an accident in the future. It’s issued by your insurance provider and proves that you’ve purchased at least the legal minimum of liability insurance. The SR-22 isn’t insurance itself, but an endorsement of a policy you’ve bought.


Not owning a vehicle isn’t a reason not to get your SR-22. The requirement won’t be waived for you, either. Instead you’ll want to purchase an SR-22 insurance policy, most commonly known as a non-owner auto insurance policy. This type of policy is good for anyone who doesn’t own a car and rents, borrows a friend’s car, or uses a car-sharing service like Zipcar.

This type of policy only offers liability coverage, specifically for bodily injury and property damage. Some insurance providers may allow you to purchase additional coverage for medical payments or uninsured/underinsured motorists. It’s not your typical auto insurance policy and doesn’t offer comprehensive or collision coverage at all. If you’re in an accident, this policy will act as a secondary liability policy after the car owner’s insurance.


Not all insurance providers offer this kind of coverage. It’s important to work with an independent insurance agent who has access to multiple insurance companies so that you have options. Here at Charlotte Insurance, we work with several companies so we can find the coverage you need.

Once you purchase non-owner insurance, your SR-22 form can be filed as soon as possible so that your license can be reinstated. If your situation ever changes, and you buy a vehicle or are added to someone else’s insurance policy, you will no longer need this kind of coverage. We can help you make that switch, too.

If you’re trying to get your life back together and your driver’s license back, give us a call so we can help you get the right coverage to file your SR-22 form. We’re here to help.

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