Don’t Rely on Luck Alone! Rely on your Local Independent Insurance Agent!

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Life happens so fast. When things go well, you feel pretty lucky. When they don’t, you wonder if you’re the unluckiest person on the planet. Accidents, storm damage, theft, and even lawsuits can make you feel like you have no luck at all.

Having a good partner to help you navigate all the ways you can protect yourself and your family doesn’t have to be left to luck. Work with an independent insurance agent who can answer your questions and help you plan for all the unlucky moments in life.


How can you be unlucky when it comes to your insurance? There are almost too many ways to count.

  • too-high deductible that makes filing a claim impossible.
  • Being hit by an uncovered peril – like a flood – because you didn’t have the right coverage.
  • Being sued by the neighbor your dog bit and not having enough liability insurance.
  • Finding out you could have purchased extra coverage for collectibles after they were stolen.
  • Dropping full coverage on your car the day before you hit another car.
  • Forgetting to include auto insurance for your business, thinking your personal policy will cover an accident.
  • Neglecting liability insurance for your new business.
  • Letting your health insurance drop and then breaking your leg.
  • Thinking you don’t need life insuranceleaving your family to struggle later.
  • Dropping underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage just before getting hit by a driver who doesn’t have insurance.
  • And the list goes on…

In a perfect world, you’d stay lucky and never need your insurance policy. The longer you go between accidents and claims, the easier it is to think your luck will hold, nothing bad will happen, and that you can safely drop your coverage to the bare bones to save money. You may never feel more unlucky when you get into an accident or have a problem, and you realize how much you needed your insurance.


The good news is that you don’t have to feel unlucky with your insurance. Most of the time, the problem is that you think you have to make these decisions with no guidance or help. You don’t have to, though.

A good independent insurance agent will answer your questions. They find a policy options to fit your life. They work within your budget. Even better, you’ll be given multiple options for coverage because independent agents work with a variety of insurance providers.

You’ll have the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Work with someone who really does want you to have the right insurance policy for your situation – not the most expensive one. Your agent can become your partner as your life changes, too. When you get married, buy a house, have kids, and move forward with your life, your agent will be right there to suggest the right insurance at a price you can afford.

Let Charlotte Insurance be your lucky insurance agent so you never have to know what it feels to be like when you’re unlucky enough to be in an accident and not have enough insurance. Contact us today!

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