How to Rent with Pets

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a cat in a rental home

Being a pet owner is a big responsibility but can also bring so much joy to your life. If you rent instead of own your home, you might think owning a pet is out of the question. Not necessarily.

Here’s what you need to know about renting a home as a pet owner.

Look for the Right Property

Whether you want an apartment or a single family home, you need to find a rental that’s pet-friendly. Many landlords don’t allow pets because of the potential for damage, but some will happily rent to you and your furbaby. You just have to find the right property.

  • Give yourself time to search for a new home if you’re making a move with a pet. This will help you find the right home for everyone.
  • Visit properties before you agree to rent to make sure it’s right for your entire family, including your pets. They should have room to play and be in a space that’s safe for them, too.
  • Review a landlord’s pet policies before you apply to rent. Some properties have size and breed limitations.
  • Be prepared to pay a non-refundable pet fee and/or extra rent each month as a pet owner.
  • Be honest about having a pet. If you sign a lease with a “no pet policy” and you’re found to have a pet later, you could be in violation of the lease. This could get you kicked out of your rental home.

Help Convince Your Landlord Your Pet is a Good One

If you know your dog or cat is really a sweetheart, there are ways to let a potential landlord know, too. Get references from previous landlords who can verify that your pet didn’t cause damage and that you took care of the property. Share information with your landlord about your pets vaccinations, whether they’ve been spayed or neutered, and any flea control measures you’ve taken. You might even want to invite your potential landlord to meet your pet so they can see for themselves exactly who will be in their property.

Take Care of Your Pet and Your Home

Many landlords are skeptical about renting to tenants with pets. Take extra care to show them that pets don’t have to be a problem. This means taking care of your pets and keeping them healthy as well as taking care of your rental.

  • Get your pet spayed or neutered if they’re not already.
  • Take them for yearly vaccinations and shots.
  • Have a regular vet for any illnesses or problems.
  • Keep the yard free of pet waste.
  • Fix any damage your pet causes.
  • Keep your rental property as clean as possible and clean up after your pet, especially after an accident or illness.

Not only will you maintain a good reference from your landlord in the future, you’ll also make it easier for other tenants to rent with their pets later.

As a renter, you may not be able to imagine life without your furbaby. Once you find the perfect place for your entire family, make sure you have a solid renters insurance policy to protect your belongings from whatever happens. Contact Charlotte Insurance today for a free estimate on a new policy.

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