6 Ways to Show Dad Some Love on Father’s Day

Written By Charlotte Insurance on June 11, 2019. It has 0 comments.

He taught you how to drive a car and how to play catch. Your dad was there to read stories and scare away the monsters. He worked hard and raised you to work hard, too. With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to show him some extra love.

Here are a few ways to celebrate Father’s Day with your dad this year — without buying him another tie. 

Have a Meal Together

If you’ve got cooking, grilling, or barbecuing skills, put them to good use for your dad this Father’s Day. Make his favorite meal and pair it with his beverage of choice. Cook what you’re good at and what he enjoys, and then sit down to enjoy it together. No cooking skills? More likely to burn water? Take him out to eat at his favorite restaurant. The whole point is to sit down together, enjoy a meal, and spend time with each other.

Call or Visit Him

How long has it been since you talked to your dad or saw him? If you live close enough, go for a visit. Spend the day with him and really listen to what he has to say. When distance is a problem, give him a call or chat via Skype or Facetime. This is your chance to ask questions and talk about whatever’s on both your minds. There may be things he really wants you to know. Today is the day to listen.

Hang Out Together 

Because Father’s Day is all about dear old dad, whatever you do together should be something he enjoys. Head to a game, movie, or concert. Get a coffee or stop by his favorite bookstore. Go camping, hiking, or fishing. What you do doesn’t matter. Spending time together, doing what your dad enjoys, is the important thing. 

Plan an Excursion

If your dad isn’t quite sure what he’d like to do for Father’s Day, plan something fun and unique. You could go to a beer or wine tasting. Local breweries and distilleries abound, and this could be a chance to find a new favorite. Plan a trip to an escape room or head to an amusement park. Now that you’re both adults, having fun together takes on new meaning — and makes even more lasting memories. 

Vacation Together

Up for a longer visit? Why not go on vacation together? You might take a weekend road trip to the mountains or a beach. Whether you make it a dad and kid only trip or you bring spouses and grandkids is up to you. Your dad may have memories of the struggle of family vacations when you were a kid, or maybe you never got to take one. Now’s your chance, and your dad can enjoy it more because you’re a part of the adventure.

Help Your Dad Around the House

Showing your dad some love on Father’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Stop by and help him out for the day. Mow the lawn, fix whatever is broken, or help him clean. He was there for you when you were a kid, and now it’s your turn to be there for him. It’s also a chance to spend time together so order pizza or throw something on the grill while you’re there.

From all of us at Charlotte Insurance to all the dads, Happy Father’s Day!


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