Inexpensive Home Updates with a Big Impact

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Live in your home long enough, and eventually you’ll want to remodel. Sometimes, though, our budget and our desire for a remodel don’t match. With a bit of elbow grease and a trip to the hardware store, you can make inexpensive updates around your home that make a big impact.


If you hate clutter but don’t have much storage, it’s time to get creative. Try adding closet storage with the help of an inexpensive shelving unit and some paint. Set the shelving unit into your closet. Add rods, hooks, and baskets, and you’ll have more room to store stuff and less clutter on the floor.


It’s part trick of the light and part optical illusion, but adding mirrors to a wall can make a room appear bigger. Add one large mirror to a wall in your living room and frame it for an elegant look. For more practical use, add full-length mirrors to the closet doors in your bedroom. You’ll make getting ready easier and you’ll add a special touch to the room.


Wanting a kitchen or bathroom remodel is one thing. Affording it is quite another. You can quickly and cheaply change the entire look of both rooms with one swap – new hardware. New handles and knobs brighten up your cabinets and add a freshness to the look of your home.


New flooring looks great and can add to the value of your home, but if you’re on a budget, it’s not always a practical option. In small rooms, like your bathroom, try peel and stick vinyl instead. It’s cheap, easy, and requires no special skills or tools. A sharp box cutter and some time is all you need.


Want a new kitchen countertop but can’t afford marble or granite? Try DIY-ing your own butcher block countertop. Buy several thick planks of wood and stain them to the color you love best. You’ll get a luxe look at a bargain basement price.


If you’ve ever looked around your bathroom and worried that it seemed dingy, you’re not the only homeowner with that problem. No matter how often you clean, something just isn’t right. There’s a good chance you simply need to re-caulk around your tub, sink, and toilet. Over time it cracks and chips and never looks neat and clean. A couple of tubes of caulk, and the entire room will look like new.


Home security systems aren’t just great to keep your family safe, they add value to your home and save you money. But having one installed and then paying the crazy fees for a few years is out of your budget. Try a DIY smart option like SimpliSafe. You can install it yourself and monitor your home from your smartphone. Yes, there’s a monthly fee, but it’s much less than what other companies charge.

Touching up your home can add value to your property. Adding a security system can lower your insurance premiums. If you make security a priority with an inexpensive update, call your agent at Charlotte Insurance. We’ll make sure you get the discounts you deserve.

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