National Grandparents Day: 9 Way to Show your Grandparents that you Care

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You might not want to think about it, but your grandparents won’t always be around. It seems impossible, since they’ve been a part of your life for as long as you can remember. Every day is a good day to let the people in your life know you love them, especially your grandparents. For National Grandparents Day on September 22, we have a few ideas to help you show just how much you care.

    1. Call your grandparents. We all walk around with smartphones in our hands. Take a few minutes to call and ask how they’re doing.
    2. Go over for dinner. When you’re in town or if they live nearby, go over for dinner every few weeks. They might try to send you home with a bunch of leftovers which is almost never a bad idea.
    3. Take your grandparents to breakfast. Ask where they really want to go and then take them out. If they have a favorite place, you may even meet a few of their friends. They’ll love showing you off.
    4. Run errands together. If you’d rather not think of your grandmother or grandfather out on the road, offer to drive them around to appointments or the grocery store. It’s time well spent and you’ve kept them from getting into an accident.
    5. Give them photographs in albums or frames. Most of us keep our pictures on our phone or computer. Your grandparents might be old school enough to prefer the real thing. Print out a few of your favorites and frame them as a gift.
    6. Help around the house. If your grandparents tire easily or have some big projects they can’t manage on their own, offer to help out. One day every few weeks won’t hurt you, and it could make a big difference in their lives.
    7. Listen to their stories. You don’t have to spend money or tackle big projects to show you care. Sit still and let them share their memories of when they were younger. You never know how much you’ll learn from them and their experiences.
    8. Make sure they’re ready for winter. Do they have enough blankets? Is their heater working properly? Has their fireplace been inspected and cleaned recently? Handling these things can give you both peace of mind.
    9. Buy long term care insurance for them. As your grandparents age, they may need home health care or to move to an assisted living facility. Both can be extremely expensive and may not be covered by Medicare. Buying an insurance policy makes sure they’re taken care of when they need it most.

Your grandparents may tell you not to fuss over them. They may even prefer to make a fuss over you instead. But they’ll love the effort you make and the time you spend with them. We all want to believe our grandparents will be around forever, but we know it’s not true. Cherish the time you have with them and make sure they know how much you care this Grandparents Day and every other day of the year.

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