Life Insurance — The Gift That No One Likes to Talk About

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a couple discussing the gift of life insurance on valentine's day while holding hands outdoors

Life insurance sounds like a depressing topic, doesn’t it? It’s only needed when someone dies, and no one wants to think of death — ever. Especially not around Valentine’s Day. This is the holiday of love and hearts and of being together forever.

In reality, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to think about life insurance. There is no single better way to let your family know exactly how much you love them than with a life insurance policy. Even when you’re gone, and they’re grieving, they’ll still feel your love and support.

Why Life Insurance?

We’re not saying you shouldn’t buy the sentimental card and the sweet chocolate, or go out to dinner. Definitely make those plans for Valentine’s Day. But while you’re planning your big romantic gesture, add life insurance to your shopping list. It will do more for your family than you realize.

  • Your family will be left financially stable after you die. They won’t wonder how they’ll pay for your funeral.
  • They can cover immediate expenses and future bills like the mortgage or education costs.
  • You’ll give your family time to grieve your loss without adding extra stress on their shoulders.
  • This will be the last time you can be there for them. Your life insurance policy is the last time you get to say, “I love you.”

Without the right life insurance policy, your family will not only struggle with your loss, they’ll also struggle financially. They may have to give up the lifestyle that you helped build for them. While they’re grieving your death, they’ll also have that loss compounded with the loss of the life they once knew.

Start Now

Most people vastly overestimate the cost of a life insurance policy. The younger you are when you purchase it, the less expensive it is. But even for older people, a $100,000 or $250,000 policy isn’t as costly as you think that it is. A life insurance policy is often an affordable way to continue to help your family long after you’re gone. How inexpensive can life insurance be? For a healthy 30 year old, a 20-year $250,000 term policy costs about $150 per year.

It’s also much easier to buy life insurance than you may imagine. With a call to an independent insurance agency like ours, you can answer a few questions, and have a new policy in almost no time. We may even be able to bundle your life insurance with your other policies and offer a discount so you pay even less.

This Valentine’s Day, buy the card, the chocolate, and the wine. Take your spouse to dinner, and enjoy the night. Before you do, contact Charlotte Insurance and ask for a quote for a new life insurance policy. It’s less expensive than you think, and the ultimate act of love for your family.

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